Invest in Poland with Crowdestate

Invest in Poland with Crowdestate

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Crowdestate presents investors with a new market: Poland.

Polish people love to invest in real estate. Crowdestate gives You now the opportunity to find out for yourself, why polish investors like it so much. We hope you’re gonna love to invest in Poland real estate market.

Some statistical data about Poland:

Population: 38,5 mln.

Average economic growth from 2004 when Poland joined the European Union to 2020 is 3,92% which is one of the best in the EU.*

GDP in 2020 (nominal) was 511 billion EUR**

GDP per capita in 2019 was 12 557 EUR**

Unemployment rate in 2019 – 5,2%***

The average inflation rate from 2004 when Poland joined the European Union to 2020 is 2,12% which is one of the best in the EU.****

According to the report of EY’s European Attractiveness Survey 2019 Poland was recognized as the 6th most attractive destination for FDI (foreign direct investment) in Europe (1st in Central and Eastern Europe). The UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Belgium were ahead of Poland.*****

The Polish real estate market has been growing consequently since Poland joined the EU despite the subprime crisis.

Also despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate sector in Central and Eastern Europe shows steady growth since the global recession of 2008. The first six months of 2020 brought total investment volume in six major CEE countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Bulgaria) maintained an upward trend. 

Total investment volume in the first half of this year amounted to EUR 6,26 billion, which is an increase of 12% compared to the same period of 2019. In the first half of 2020, investments in Poland accounted for nearly half of the total volume of regional transactions (47%).******

Poland’s House Prices Growth since it is available (2007) to March 2021 grows in average 2.3%.*******

In 2011-2019, the number of apartments built annually increased by over 58%.

Despite the fact that the housing stock in Poland is systematically growing, it is a significant problem

the housing deficit remains (statistically understood as the difference between the number of flats

inhabited and the number of households). The Ministry of Development estimates that at the end

In 2019, this deficit amounted to 641 thousand apartments. 

In Poland, we are observing a growing demand for flats, accompanied by an increase in the volume of loans granted. Although the NBP (Narodowy Bank Polski) estimates show that in the structure of purchased apartments about 2/3 of them are financed with their own funds, the ratio is falling. At the end of Q3 In 2019, the number of active housing loan agreements was over 2.3 million and was 6% higher compared to the end of Q3 2018. In relation to 2010, the increase was over 62%, and until 2006 – nearly 150%.********

By investing in Poland through Crowdestate, you will be investing in a strong and growing economy.

Tomasz Sliwa will be in charge of Crowdestate’s activities in Poland. Tomasz has more than 12 years of experience in the real estate sector directly and is indirectly related to purchasing and sales of real estate properties and real estate development projects. 

He will be focusing on creating value for Crowdestate’s investors by getting the best investment projects in the Polish market.

Crowdestate is one of the very first real estate crowdfunding platforms, established in early 2014.

Invest in Poland, start your real estate investment journey by signing up on Crowdestate to access a wide range of pre-vetted real estate investment projects.

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